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Meet True Passion Soulwear

True Passion Soulwear is an organisation located in a remote village in the Himalayas of Nepal. Started, and led by the beautiful creator, Dayan Cutler, a Finnish angel who moved to Nepal many years ago, the organisation’s goal has always been to bring blessings to this world.

Nepal was the place where Dayan felt most called, which led her to settle here and create pure, impactful projects together with the people of the local communities. As she became a guardian of a local Buddha Temple, she decided to spread love and blessings of Mother Earth through ceremonial fashion to tribes all over the globe.

Through the years

Over the years, this endeavour positively impacted countless people in the area. All the materials used for the garments are sourced locally and sustainably. They have a zero-chemical policy, and every piece is woven by hand.

Dayan - Supporting local community

In addition to the beautiful clothing project, Dayan initiated several other projects to create opportunities for the communities around her. They have an organic farm where they locally produce food for the community and the retreats they host, and she has also established a school where children from the village can receive an education.

Dayan’s intentions are as pure as they come, which is why we are honoured to have her as a partner of Lento.

True Passion Soul Wear